You've got questions, we've got answers!

1I would like to customize a cake.
Humble Beginnings are limited to customization of cakes. We do not have options for toppings on our website as we outsource our delivery. With that, we are worried of cake damage during delivery. Please contact us for more information.
2How far in advance should I place my order?
You should place your order 3 days in advance to get your desired flavour and size.
3Where can I get my cakes after I've placed my order?

You can pick up the cakes at our outlets below:

  • Humble Beginnings KLCC, Signatures Food Court, Level 2
  • Humble Beginnings One City, One Space@USJ25
  • Humble Beginnings Queensbay Mall, Level 3, Queens Street
4Do you offer delivery service?

Yes, delivery charges are RM20.00. As we are outsourcing our delivery, we cannot promise specific time of delivery.

Currently, door to door delivery are available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor. We will be doing door to door delivery to Johor Bahru and Penang soon. Stay tuned…

Please ensure someone is there to receive the cakes as we outsource our delivery. Thanks.

5Payment method

We currently only accept payments via

  1. Paypal
  2. iPay88 for Visa/ MasterCard and online bank transfer
6Are your cakes halal?
We use halal ingredients for all our products. NO alcohol or porzine gelatin are used in any of our products.
7What are the diameters of your cakes?

We have 2 sizes of cakes; Regular (1kg) and Large (1.5kg)

  • Regular (1kg) = 8inch
  • Large (1.5kg) = 10 inch
8Can you pre-cut for us? How many slices /cubes can we get from the cake?

Wedge slices

  • Regular Cakes - 8, 10 or 12 slices
  • Large Cakes - 12 or slices

Cubes (1inch in size)

  • Regular Cakes - estimated to 40 cubes
  • Large Cakes - estimated to 50 cubes
9What allergens are in your products?
From the major 8 allergens, all our cakes contain wheat, egg, milk. There are also allergens such as soy, peanuts, treenuts and fish gelatin in some of our products.
10What are your refund policy?
Once orders have been processed, there is no turning back! What this means is, refunds or changes to the orders will not be possible.
11I forgot my password details to login. What shall I do?
At the login page, click on the "Lost your password" link. Key in your username or email address that was used to register your account on Humble Beginnings and we will send you a link to reset the password.